2020 Huntsvegas Tattoo Expo 

Photo Pass Requirements

Please note that photographers must respect that the members of the public at The Huntsvegas Tattoo Expo come first and foremost. 

While we very much appreciate the vast amount of media coverage desired, we must also consider the risk of paying customers not being able to see or fully enjoy as many of the attractions as they would like to, due to the multiple photographers camped out in front of stages. 

Please be mindful of press “rules and regulations” so that we can all equally enjoy the event!   

  • We will only accredit photographers who have a strong portfolio to represent for themselves.
  • We will not issue photo passes to freelancers who ‘want to build my portfolio’, or ‘are studying for a photography diploma’, or ‘would like to broaden my range of photography’.
  • Any non-media accredited freelancers we give a pass to must agree to provide The Huntsvegas Tattoo Expo with a minimum of 20 gratis images for future publicity use. You must ask permission ahead of the Huntsvegas Tattoo Expo, All permit requests must be made in writing by email, to huntsvegastattooexpo@gmail.com 
  • The Huntsvegas Tattoo Expo does not permit flash photography or additional lighting equipment, Popup Studios (unless you are a permitted Photographer, Freelancer, a member of the Press or part of the HTE Official Photography team.) Tripods, backdrops and lighting are only authorized at the organizers discretion and are not allowed around the Stage areas for the safety of the Public and the Performers.
  • Mobile Phone Photography and small compact cameras are acceptable for general public, (while still adhering to the rules above of no flash and tripods etc).
  • Press Accreditation closes May 15, 2020.

    Please do not arrive at the event without arranging press accreditation in advance. You will not be granted entry.

    Media center will be open from noon until 7pm on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday noon-5pm.

 Kindest regards 

The Huntsvegas Tattoo Expo