contests & Awards

Contest judging will be judged at 5:00 PM

Entries may be fresh or healed

Artist MUST be present to receive award!

Each day, there will be a Tattoo of the Day, which must be started and completed THAT DAY; Judging will begin at 8:00 PM.

Best of Show entries must be started and completed during the event; Judging will begin at 9:00 PM.

$10 tattoo contests

All contest entries must be submitted ONE HOUR prior to judging on the day of that particular contest.

If you are entering “Tattoo of the Day,” you can work on the tattoo up until the beginning time of judging. However, you must register the tattoo by 6:00 PM.

If you’re entering in “Best of Show,” you can register any time before 6:00 PM on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Rules & Regulations

Fully healed tattoos may be entered into any contest except for “Tattoo of the Day” and “Best of Show”.

You must be present at time of judging or you will be disqualified.

“Tattoo of the Day” must be started and completed on day of judging.

“Best of Show” must be started and completed throughout the weekend.

No complete disrobing. No exceptions!

InkBattle Tattoo Championship

Contest Schedule