Events & Itinerary

Contests & Awards


 All contests will be judged at 7 PM,

entries may be fresh or healed.

Artist MUST be present to receive award!

Each day, there will be a Tattoo of the Day, which must be started and completed THAT DAY; Judging will begin at 9 PM.

Best of Show entries must be started and completed during the event; Judging will begin at 9 PM.

Tattoo contests are
$10.00 to enter

All contest entries must be submitted ONE HOUR prior to judging on the day of that particular contest.

If you are entering “Tattoo of the Day,” you can work on the tattoo up until the beginning time of judging. However, you must register the tattoo by 6:00 PM.

If you’re entering in “Best of Show,” you can register any time before 6:00 PM on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Rules & Regulations

  • Fully healed tattoos may be entered into any contest except for
    “Tattoo of the Day” and “Best of Show”.
  • You must be present at time of judging or you will be disqualified.
  • “Tattoo of the Day” must be started and completed on day of judging.
  • “Best of Show” must be started and completed throughout the weekend.
  • No complete disrobing. No exceptions!

InkBattle Tattoo Championship


Best Small Color

Best Large Color 

Best Small Black and Grey

Best Large Black and Grey

Best Biomechanical

Best Surrealism

Best 3D

Best Dark Skin

Tattoo of the Day


Best Small Color

Best Large Color 

Best Small Black and Grey

Best Large Black and Grey

Best Black and Grey Portrait

Best Color Portrait

Best Geometric

Best Realism

Best New School

Best Neo Traditional

Tattoo of the Day


Best Sleeve – 1st and 2nd place

Best Back 

Best Neck / Hand

Best Cover Up

Best Patriotic

WORST Tattoo 

Tattoo of the Day


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?

Huntsville’s first Inaugural Huntsvegas Tattoo Expo will be held at the

Von Braun Civic Center on May 22nd – 24th, 2020.

The event will be held between 2pm-11pm on Friday, 12pm-11pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Can I get tattooed at the show?

Yes! The show will be full of talented artists with a range of unique styles to choose from.  Walk-ins are welcome, but it is highly recommended that you contact the artist of your interest ahead of time to schedule an appointment.

 Some artists will book the entire weekend before the show begins. 

 For more information on our featured artists, please click here to view artists portfolios.  This page contains an up-to-date list of all artists that will be attending the event, along with links to locate their work, and also how to contact them to book an appointment.

 All bookings will be handled individually by each artist.

You must be 18 years or older to get any tattoo or piercing at the show.

How do I join a tattoo of the day contest?

You can sign up for any tattoo contests at the awards booth, in front of the stage.

Entry to any contest is $1o, and the artist must be present at the show to enter.

Do I need to bring a printed ticket?

To attend the event as a customer (not an artist or vendor), please show your PayPal receipt to the door clerk, either from your phone or printed off. 

Otherwise, you can purchase a wristband  at the door!

Will there be food or drinks at the event?

Yes, The VBCC will be hosting food and drink concessions, as well as a cash bar.

All food and drinks must remain outside of the artists procedure area.

How do I become a sponsor?

Click here to view our sponsorship opportunities. 

Email us at for more questions

Subject – “sponsor”

How do I become a volunteer?

Email us at for more information / Subject – “volunteer”

How do I become a volunteer?

Email us at for more information / Subject – “volunteer”