Attending Artists

The show will be full of talented artists with a range of unique styles to choose from.

Walk-ins are welcome, but it is highly recommended that you contact the artist of your interest ahead of time to schedule an appointment.

This page contains an up-to-date list of all artists that will be attending the event, along with links to locate their work, where you can learn how to contact them to book an appointment.

Special Guest Artists 

Isaac Riendeau

Kriss Delaune

Nick Work

Dale Johnson

Aaron Stevens

John Riendeau

Cowboy Craig

International Body Jewelry

Shane Betterton

Travis White

Lucas Buckley

Kelsey Prater

Kris Ford

Mikey Newblood


Mawi Dubale

Morgan Birky

Jeff Fratto

Tory Scruggs

Christopher Camacho

Chris Adkins